Tom Burckhardt: FULL STOP
Aug 28 — Nov 14, 2014

FULL STOP is a full-scale replica of an artist’s studio made entirely of cardboard and black paint. 10’ high x 18’ wide x 18’ deep, the installation is filled with art historical references such as Jackson Pollock’s shoes, Jasper Johns’s Savarin can and Edward Hopper’s potbellied stove. Entering the installation, the viewer animates the space while experiencing an artist’s dilemma first hand. As Burckhardt states: “This walk-though environment is full of the clutter and paraphernalia of the modern painter, toiling in romantic obscurity against the existential void. Except he/she doesn’t seem to be succeeding. A basic lack of ideas has crippled production despite having all the right materials: tools, art supplies, art books and postcards of past masters’ work at hand. The highly detailed and slavishly worked whorl of the stuff of art making and bohemian existence, all carefully constructed of cardboard and painted in a cartoon-like manner, belie the contradiction at the center of the room: a blank canvas sitting on the easel.”


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